Maximizing Efforts



Design in plastic can be a confusing process: What material is the best to use? Which production method provides the best quality at an optimum price? Is there a way to utilize integral fasteners rather than add them via secondary operations? What about repair and maintenance? How should the product be packaged? We have the experience to answer those questions and much more…

Maintaining an array of qualified technical staff in-house is expensive—Dexterity can provide the design and development expertise you need while keeping your operation lean and efficient.

We listen to what your needs are, study the application and competition, and then give you what you need to maximize profit from your product.

Dexterity offers a spectrum of services—from short-term, job specific consulting such as design review and production troubleshooting to complete art-to-part outsourcing.

When the project warrants, Dexterity has experienced contract associates available to assist with even the most complex of product development endeavors.

Dexterity’s location in the Intermountain West provides fast and easy access to our customers—if needed, we can be at most West Coast locations within hours and Wasatch Front locations within minutes. Moreover, we leverage Internet technologies to promote virtual contact and thereby reduce costs.

We strive to bring your product to market quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively. Your product will function as intended and have the aesthetic appeal required to satisfy the customer and maximize your profits.

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